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Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

Experiencing Anti-Semitism

Before we, we go to them uh, when the war started--before the war started you mentioned something about uh, uh, before that...

Before the war started the, the good Polacks--I wish 'em a, a very nice good death all of them--the best of them. They were saying "Hitler, Hitler will show, will you. Hitler ??? Juden." I'm getting so sick, you know, from this, I'm not kidding. I am--I got four heart attacks from this. No, I don't mean now, no. Uh, I'm getting so all the time when I see this crazy uh, Reagan talking. You know, I know what it's all about. I could take a knife and cut his throat--the tongue out. I'm not a, a scared. You can be a CIA, uh, hell with it.

Don't worry. When, when you--before the war started, do you remember any, any specific times when you encountered anti-Semitism among the Poles?

The Polack they got uh, an organization, they was uh, with the name Falanga, a strictly a university clan. And they was coming in the Jewish neighborhood and killing--start killing uh, with another one maybe. So you didn't see a policeman. The moment uh, some from our people come out and start giving back--the moment they start giving back, the police come and they give us hell. You wouldn't believe it, it's im...impossible. When I, when I see the American Jewry that they are so ??? I cannot stand this. Honest to God, I mean it.

When did...

Don't be insulted. They, they are idiot.

When did...


Do you remember when these--they were like pogroms, right? When did this happen?

This happened 1939.

Before '39?

Before '39 yes, yes.

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