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Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

Contacting Relatives After the War

Where is this congress?

And I asked, they didn't know. So I wrote to, to Tel Aviv. I got a cousin in Tel Aviv and she went over there and she got right away the, the addresses. From Paris got a cousin so she, she survived, the husband not, two sisters not, the kids not. She survived because she got blonde hair, she looks like a real, like a real German and uh, and she got a boy and a girl. So she went to a, to a place--she was a baroness and she was over there with the kids. And uh, the baroness took care of the kids. And uh, this is all characteri...I'm telling you this. It's impossible to understand this. The baroness took her to be a maid and the kids was uh, her kids, 'til after the war. So the baroness says, uh, uh, "Madam ???." So she says uh, "If they want be with you, I don't care. Ask her." So they, they didn't--they say they want to go to their mother.

And when did you come over here then?

Through this I, I had a, a contract to go to California. And I got a contract to go to Michigan. And I got a contract to go to--I could go to Australia too, and I didn't want it, so.

To do, to do what?

As a DP, displaced person.

Oh, I see.

So I wrote a letter to my uncle and I ask him what I should do. I can go here and I can go here. He says, "The best way--if you can--if you mention you can go to Detroit, go to Detroit. Detroit from Toronto is a few hours, so I will go right away. I will come and you will come to us. The United States is a little bit better than, than the--than Canada." So I, I listened to him. Now I see that.

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