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Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

Life After the War

Were you in a displaced persons camp? Did they put you in a DP camp?

Yeah, yeah, displaced person's camp, yeah. So they said, "Go home. From Poland, go home," and I could kill this guy. "Go home." To whom?


It's so tragic, "Go home." Sure. The other guys they go home, they shoot 'em.

Did you go back to Warsaw?

No, I never went. I could, and I didn't want it. I hated Polacks, you wouldn't believe it. I hate 'em more than the, than the German. I hate the Nazis, and they kill us. They call 'em Einsatzgruppen.

Where did you go?

I had--and my father had a sister in Toronto and I remember the, the address uh, 79 uh, Grange Avenue. And I came to, to the British zone. So I ask a guy from the, from the Kommandanteur, so he says "Okay," I go. And the lady she knew where the uncle was uh, was taking another place, not far from this place where this address was. She didn't, she didn't say it to him. When I came to--this was also a Catholic--I, I insulted her. I said, "All the Catholic they should go to hell."

And where were you when this happened? In the British sector this happened.

In the British sector. After awhile I went to the British sector because this uh, number ??? went too to the British sector. They right away went.

And who is the woman you told she and the Catholics should go to hell?

In Toronto, Ontario when I came because I, I--my father got already a sister and uh, the husband is also a Linson--a cousin. And they got four, four sons. And, and I know they are old settlers.

So you wrote to them?

Yes, right away. I got a--you know from where I got address? From Tel Aviv. You wouldn't believe it.

Now was--who was--was this the Jewish Relief?

No, from uh, from Tel Aviv. I went to the Jewish Congress.

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