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Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

Life Before the War

You, you said that you were uh, you were studying medicine and, and...

I li...I like to be medical doctor, yes, uh. I was a kid, so what, what do...

And your parents, what did your father...

My father was a salesman, a salesman. We got a, a place uh, uh, like here uh, Farmer Jack Wholesale--tea and coffee.

I see.

???, they say, "???."

Now I'm curious, how do you know German so well? You know German very well.

Yes, I went to the school. We, we in, we in home we, we were speaking sometime German too.

Did that come in handy?

Oh yeah. ???.

Did your family belong to a, a shul?

My parents?

Were they very religious, or?

I had from one uh, we have uh, peop...uh, paper here I mean, paper people like uh, ???. This uh, was cousins--three cousins, and they have been in the--one in the ??? in the Hebrew newspaper--daily newspaper in Warsaw. And the other one was in Moment. And a third one was in Haynt. We got another one uh, Zomberg, which is on my mother's side. He was in Moment, a ???. Still summers in ???, and the sister is in Paris, France which I was by her a few times.

Uh, this was your sister?

No, my sister--they perished.

How many, how many children were there?


Eight children.

And I am the only survivor.

Were you the youngest?

Uh, the second youngest.

I see and uh, do you know where they--what happened to them?

Sure I know.

Do you know where, they all went to Auschwitz?

They, they was killed. They got to one girl--she was uh, looking like a, like an Aryan. So we had been working once at the train--by the train, let's say this way correctly. So we found a, a way--a place to, to get in her--she looked like a goy, so she survived, Mrs. Marx. Now she's in uh, she is in uh, Florida. She used to live here.

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