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Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

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Did you talk about it when you first came to the United States to anybody?

If they ask me.

But only if they ask.


Did they ask?

I, I don't know. I don't remember.

You told your son.

Oh my son, I did tell him about three years ago. Oh yeah, he knows it what I went through.

Did you sit down with one day and say, "I want to tell you what this was about?"


Or was it bits and pieces.

It was like bits and pieces too, and you know. Oh yeah, he knows about that.

When uh, you came to the United States, you...


...and you became a citizen of the United States?


Um, where in New York was your aunt living?

She was in the Catskill Mountains. She lived there. I uh, we didn't arrive there. She didn't come and see us there. She was--she figured--I had an uncle too, and aunt. They both put together the money send after the affidavit. But they weren't so anxious to see us, tell you the truth. So we came here...

To Detroit.

...to Detroit because uh, I had my uncle was here. You know, I told you about it. He survived the concentration camp too, so he came to Detroit. He remarried here, he has two sons and there--so he lived here so we came here. For what reason I don't know why we wind up here. I wish we wouldn't. Would have been better to go out west. It's nicer there because my brother lives there, so I go visit her, you know, and it's beautiful there.

In Los Angeles?

Los Angeles.

??? also...

Oh, I love it. What did you say?

We spent several months there.

Isn't it beautiful?



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