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Edith Kozlowski - August 19, 2010

Marriage and Children


My family had groceries, no. Everything but groceries, no. So, and then Marvin came and we got married in 1950.

1950. How many children did you have?


Three. Their names?

Uh, Jay, Ruth, and Joe.

Jay, Ruth, and Joe. I met Jay, Ruth, I didn't meet Joe.

Daughter: Joe's in Florida.


Yeah, three doctors.

Three doctors, are you a doctor too?

I don't know, don't ask me how.


He worked from morning till night, two jobs. Then we had our own little store-- that's not important. Clothing store. He worked for Sears and then they had profit sharing so then we opened our little store. Very close with the family. Very, very.


I'm sure you know uh, David talked to you I think, my grandson.

Yeah, mm-hm, yeah. Yeah, I think I talked to Jay before too, I'm not...

Could be, because he is--he's the one that bugged me.


He saw me this morning.

Husband: What you talked to Jay?

I think I talked to--he called once for something...

Yes, I'm positive.


Yeah, I'm positive.

Um [pause] I'm trying to take a more, active role with Sid, kind of getting near, you know, the end of his er--you know, getting...

Can I offer you a cold drink?

No I'm--I'm fine.

Coke or water, or anything?

No, really, I'm good. Thanks anyway though, I appreciate it.

Husband: ???

Daughter: Wait, don't interrupt him.



Husband: Off the record, I want ???.


Daughter: Wait. He's not done talking.

Just let me pause it. It's okay, I can pause it.

You know more than we knew.

Daughter: No, he was just asking how many kids, and that's where you...

Yeah. And so I--three doctors, that's--I'm sure your very proud.

Daughter: Not always [laughs].


She drives me crazy.


She wants me to live till 200.

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