Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edith Kozlowski - August 19, 2010

Extended Family

Do you know what happened to your father's parents? Were they alive when the war broke out? Or...

No, they were dead.

They were already passed?

Mm-hm. They were dead, no. I had an uncle in Skarzysko with, the family London. I don't know what happened to him.


I mean, the same thing happened to him I'm sure.


And I had a big family--an uncle in Belgium.

Oh really?

London, yeah. And I had--one, two--two sister's father had in town, Radom. They're family went--and one brother with his family. Was a big family. One brother was left that died, went to Israel with son. We are close with his kids. They're still in Israel. My father had a big family, not my mother.


My mother had--the reason we came to Detroit is because my mother's brother and sister were here.

Were here.

From--after World War One.

Okay. So they came after then?


In the interwar period?


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