Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Marvin Kozlowski - August 28, 2002

Religious Life

Was it a religious family?

Well, my father went through yeshiva and got married at seventeen. That was the way the early Jews used to live. And uh, my mother was also from a religious house. But my father being between Polish people he could not just be what he wanted to be, you know, so he was more pre...like, on holidays we're going to shul and things like this, and...

What about Friday night. What was Friday night like?

Yeah, Friday night we had a Sha...uh, we had a Shabbat dinner. We didn't attend shul because we had--we kept the store open on Shabbat.

Ah. But did you sing zemirot and...

I had to say--I said the prayer every day in the morning. Um, uh, sometimes I didn't feel like to but I knew my mother would be hurting and I really was uh, very much uh, strict about that.

So did you go to cheder?

Oh yes, I went 'til two o'clock to regular public school and from two o'clock I went to cheder.

When did you play soccer?

Well, on the weekend.

I see.

Sometime summertime the days were long, so we played ???.

And you had Polish friends.

Oh yes.

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