Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Marvin Kozlowski - August 28, 2002



How large was your family?

We had--we were five children with three sisters and another brother. Five altogether and my parents.

Aunts and uncles?

Oh yeah. Those were, families were big. We had uncles and cousins uh, galore.

How many would you say, up to first cousins?

I don't know. I have--would imagine maybe, maybe forty--fifty, maybe?

Wife: Oh more, honey.

Maybe more.

And of the, of the forty or fifty...


how many survived the war?

Well, just one cousin survived from Warsaw. And, and the reason he really survived, he went--he ran away to Russia and he heard that his parents are still alive while the war was going on. So he tried to come back. There was a manipulative thing from Russia. The people wanted to come back, they sent you to the coal mines year round. He was the one survived, he raised a family. He's not alive now. His name was Schlomo ???. He was the only one that survived. He went to Israel. And uh, the family--I'm in touch with the family.

What were your parents' names?

My father's name was Mortka and my mother's name was Rivkah.

And your brothers and sisters?


What were their names?

My older sister was Yidkah, then Hela, then Fela and Schlomo was my younger, youngest brother. I was the second one, right after my older sister Yidkah. I was the second one.

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