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Marvin Kozlowski - August 28, 2002

Knowledge of Death Camps (continued)

Had you heard of Auschwitz before this?

Yeah, well we came to Auschwitz.

But before you came there did you know anything about it?

Oh yeah.

Wife: You knew? I didn't know.

Oh yeah we knew, we knew that the, the intelligent, the intelligent went from our hometown first to Auschwitz. We didn't know that, we knew that.

Wife: I had heard

Yeah, we knew that.

Wife: ???

Then they, one time they sent they sent the butchers. Once they--every, every few weeks they had a different group executed ???.

Then they were executed.


You think...

Wife: No, no.

They were sent, sent to Auschwitz and then died.

Wife: Well, whatever happened.

Well, some of them survived.

Wife: ??? happened to die there. Because we met someone at Auschwitz that told us that.

So that that's how you knew that he was dead. Someone told you?

Wife: Yeah, somebody told my auntie.

Yeah, that's right. That's from her family, yeah.

Wife: Because we stayed in Auschwitz. He just went through there.

Well, I'll come to this. I want to hear the questions.

So you were, you were how long in this labor camp?

Labor camp. I was for about approximately two years. I couldn't tell you exactly. They, liquidation ghetto was in forty...

Wife: '42.


Wife: August of ???

The end of the small ghetto?

Wife: Of mine too.

Yours too.

Wife: They kept us home there at work and we heard screaming.

I started to work August the fifth, '42.

Wife: Oh. Marvin...

At the Daimler-Benz.

Wife: ???

Okay. Then I worked...

This is in Radom?

Yeah, yeah. I worked in the concen...from the concentration they would lead us to the... And then uh, then, this has nothing to do with me, the bigger liquidation ghetto was...

Wife: I know.

August 16 to 18, 1942. That was--okay. So there, theirs was a part just uh, what? Ten, uh...

Wife: Yeah, it was ???

Eleven days, whatever Okay.

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