Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Marvin Kozlowski - August 28, 2002

Knowledge of Death Camps

So this is winter of '43.

That was...

January of '43.

I know ???. Yeah, yeah. I don't remember the date, but yeah.

Did you know then that your, that your family was killed?

Oh yes, we knew right away what was going on.

Did you--had you ever heard of Treblinka?

Yeah, we heard that some Polacks came back from the, from--they were driving the railroad trains and they were not any better than dead. uh, they uh, that they went to Treblinka. They never come back. It was ??? when they were riding with the thing--cut their throat.

Did you see them do that?

How could I see them do it? No.

So, so uh, but you heard.

Heard, yeah, people, yeah.

Have you ever seen the movie Shoah?


Shoah, the movie.

I had my own--movie Shoah!

I know.



I tell you the truth.

Claude Lanzmann--there's a Polish man there who goes like this.

No, I didn't. I'll tell you why. Uh, I don't usually like to watch those things, uh.

Wife: Schindler's List is ???

It brings back bad memories. For the first period after I survived I was just uh, night dreaming, I had nightmares that they chasing me, the SS and this and just like a continuation. But then you know, thank god that they stopped, you know.

You don't have the nightmares anymore.

No. Thank God, no.


No. Thank God not.

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