Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

The Kapos

Do you remember any incidents in your barracks with the Kapo?

I never had any problems with it. I never...

Did you see anybody else in trouble?

Oh yeah, so. And uh, if the uh, if the uh, Stürmführer, you know, if the SS, if they were unhappy with what's going on he took all the Kapos and let, had them run, you know. That's what they, that's how they kept everything under their thumb, because uh, if, if we don't behave uh, they let them have it too.

So where did they have to run?

No, they, they just have 'em run on the uh, on the grounds, you know, they just... Uh, but uh, I feel so... They were pretty fat, you know. They had good clothes, they had uh, plenty of food and everything else. But uh...

Can you tell me something about the rest of the camp? The latrines, the...

Uh, that was, that was a pitiful case. Yeah, latrines, you had no, you had no paper, you know. You had to... When you went to the latrines you had to pick up pieces of stone, pieces of stone to wipe yourself. It was, that was a pitiful case, you know. But uh, you just take it, you just take it. There it is, this is what you're going to have and you have to make... If you don't, if you can't make peace with your way of life, you're going to be worse off. You understand what I mean?

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