Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

Family Business

When you were in school, was it a foregoing conclusion that you would go into the business with your father? Or had you thought to do something else?

No. And this is where, one thing that's different here than it was over there. Here a child does not follow the father's footsteps. There, over there it was always father and son, father and son. You see businesses, signs, so and so father and son. So and so and son. So and so and son. They always follow the, the uh, family trait, or trade.

So you and your brother would have gone... You had one brother?

Yeah, my, my brother did not go into it. He uh, went into accounting. He was a uh, CPA. Uh, he uh, was a funny thing about him too. He was a very bad student in school. He went up to the fifth grade and stayed there. Never went any, beyond that. And when he get, when he got to be about fifteen or sixteen years old, he changed his mind. He wanted to become an accountant. And he uh, took a correspondence course and he became as far enough... I mean, a uh, not only an accountant, he became a CPA. He didn't want to learn. When he was young, he never wanted to learn. Only wanted to play. But he did later on, and he became a very... Got... He had his own firm and he worked for many companies, you know, and took the books, very, did the accounting for many companies.

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