Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

Pilgrimage to Palestine

Were there some who were... Some Jews in Łódź who were anti-Zionist, who didn't think that there should be Jews going to Palestine before the Messiah comes?

Well, there maybe have them. They all did go, for instance in the Aguda, I had uh, had the hakh-sharah that we were to prepare the, the chalutzim to go to Israel. They also had the same... But as I say, the Zionists were not religious and the Aguda was religious. They also sent uh, children, though at the time, to prepare to work the land and uh, uh, prepare a little bit of hardship for 'em. They used to go in, into... They used to call the hakh-sharah. They uh, groups went somewheres on a farm and, and uh, work it to prepare 'em.


Training, yeah. And then they, and after so uh, many uh, uh, days or months or years, they used to get certificate to go to at the time Palestine.

Did you know anybody who made aliyah to Palestine?

Oh yeah. I knew many people at the time, yeah.

Did you ever...

Fact is my own family they used to go.

Your... Members of your...

My uncle, my uh, grandparents and uh.... I knew quite a few people, yeah.

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