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Martin Koby - April 20, 1999

Motivations of People (continued)

Mr. Szczasny.

Mr. Szczasny, our Mr. Szczasny.

Who was a teenager, yeah, I see.

As a teenager.


They had--by the--in the middle of the--of--on the center of the--of, of the yard, they had a trough with water you know, to, to, to feed--you know, to water the horses and the cows. That's where he dunked him. He caught Mr. Szczasny and dunked him into the water. He says--and after that, there was no more throwing of rocks...


...on the tin roof ???. And uh, when, when I--when my mother told me--she told me here in Oak Park, already, about this...

You think that made the, made the difference?

What? No.

Mr. Szczasny's behavior?

Trying to make up? I doubt it very much.


But the connection was--oh, no, no, no. It should have created animosity, or a...


...or a resentful...


..."Damn, you caught me and dunked me in the trough."

Was he religious?


Mr. Szczasny.

Um, nah, no, no. He just--he went to church sometimes.

But it wasn't because of some religious...

Religion? I don't know. I don't know.

Just--do you think it was just...

I would have loved to talk to him.

Do you think it was just because he had this fellow feeling for human beings?

I think all the people that we went to was that--they would not commit murder, okay? That was the number one. But they...

I don't think committing murder...


It's one thing to commit murder and it's another thing to just risk your family's life just to ???.

Yeah. ??? it's not another thing, it's a--it's a big, a big separation, isn't it?


Well, he would not betray us, let's put it that way. He would not go and tell somebody you know, I have Jews here, go and take them. I doubt it very much. We were--before we went to Mr. Dvorjak on Martynovka. Before we went to Mr. Dvorjak on Martynovka, we were in another village, adjacent, called Dombrovka.

Ah, that I did see.

It's some--no--pardon?

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