Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Koby - April 20, 1999

Trip To Ulm

So you--so from Bytom you moved to Ulm.

Ulm, yes. We went--we're--they're always looking how to get out. But America did not work too good, because it was so difficult.


They were afraid to go to Warsaw, you know. You can't take the chance of going the train, just because you want to get to America.


The documents, they always make things difficult, right?


Agudat Israel. You know, that, uh...

Orthodox group.

...Orthodox group. One day my father comes home, sometimes in the afternoon about five--six o'clock. It became already--it was becoming dark you know, sunset. He said, "We have to be in Katowice on the train by one o'clock. You can take with you whatever you want. And we have to go take the streetcar from Bytom to Katowitz." Streetcar--what can you take with you? Ah! ???. And you have money. You got--you know, they made some profits, some dollars and gold coins. And you got to hide them, because you're going to get robbed.

Did you layer your clothes again, is that ???...

No, no. No layer clothes. They got to find a carpenter and a shoemaker. I say, what, what for? They took off the heels, they carved out hollow the heels. That's where they put the dollars. They made a, a chest you know uh, luggage, out of wood. And they...

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