Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Koby - April 20, 1999


Where in West Germany?

Ulm, Ulm and Danau.

That's Albert Einstein's, uh...

Huh? Yeah, Alb...I went by there and I saw the house. But I didn't have a camera to take a picture of him. How did you find that house? The guy told us that there's a school--a dancing school. They teach you how to dance very cheap, okay?


For a loaf of bread, you can have a dancing lesson. Well, we--that's where we went. We had to walk all through Ulm you know, over there. One day we go by. Guess what? Somebody noticed a plaque on the house. It was a stucco house you know, with two stories. Maybe it was brick, but it was stucco outside. And then, Albert Einstein. Do you know who Albert Einstein was? Well, no some famous person. Who knows?

Now, what year was this?

We came here in '47. Maybe it was uh, sometimes the end of `46 and the beginning of '47.

It was--Albert Einstein was not the--Germany's favorite son.

But when I'm talking about Jews, I'm talking, Polish Jews. My friends were Polish Jews.

Yeah, you--but you didn't know. But that there was a sign on the house?

Yeah, there was a sign.

It was really quite...

Yeah, Albert Einstein. It was a plaque, yeah.

...quite remarkable, `cause--since he was the...

Maybe the Americans put it up. Who knows.

Oh, that could be.

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