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Pauline Kleinberg - October 28, 1982


And you don't want to give the pain to your children, I understand...

No, I mean, I don't know exactly this is it, but that's how I feel.

There's an organization of children of survivors.

I bought one book for my son. That's, that's the best I could do. Bought a book--a present--read it, that's what I did.

That's the organization I belong to, called C.H.A.I.M.

Yeah. How often do you meet?

Once a month. I'm not a--my parents are not survivors...

Yeah, it doesn't matter.

...ut I go to the meetings and a lot of them tell me that they've never been able to talk to their parents.

Yeah? Oh, I'm glad. I thought I'm....

Husband: Some of them can't talk about it.

You know what, I heard about...

Husband: It brings back too bad memories.

No, no, it's not too painful--may be too painful.

Husband: I don't know...

And yet how painful it's going to be when there isn't going to be history left, because you know, we're not forever. So how in the world--I was glad I watched every bit in Jerusalem where it had last year--last year, was it--or three years ago, the gathering from all the camps?

Husband: See for me and with my wife is two different things. She wouldn't watch the Holocaust if they show on TV. I will watch it. I'm sentimental, I will cry.


Husband: Watching it I will cry. I live right through it again.

You should know that there's an American gathering of survivors that's coming up in Washington.

Yeah, I know.

Husband: We seen it

I get the Jewish News.

That's for you to keep; I want you to have it. In April.

Husband: Next year yeah? In April.

I heard about it quite a while ago. I know it's coming up in Washington. The Jewish News it was many times already. Maybe, maybe we can get uh, maybe we'll be in a position to go next year to Washington.

Husband: We've never been there, so...


Then you'll have two reasons to go to Washington.

Yeah. We, really--we have never been to W...we were as far as South America, very, very far in Argentina you know, ??? we were in Israel...

Husband: ??? It's the holidays I think. Pesach, I think.

No, this is very long time. We planned for, for about--since last year. I heard about it from

Husband: Did they bring already the Holocaust over there in Washington?

The uh, Vice...Vice...what was his name?

The Wyman Institute. Yeah. The Wyman Institute?

Yeah. They're working on it. They need funds.

Mrs. Kleinberg, thank you so very much. I know it hasn't been easy.

I was prepared, I built myself up for it.

You know, that's why I felt so very bad of having to be a few minutes late and that's why I tried calling you because I was afraid you wouldn't think that...

You know, you must have called probably a few minutes before we came. It was six thirty. We must have come about five minutes to four.

I just didn't want you to think that, that, that I wasn't coming after I know...

Husband: Well, we refused it even to go out. We were invited today to go out.

No, I--this is...

Husband: We can go out some other time.

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