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Pauline Kleinberg - October 28, 1982

Sister In Hiding as Gentile

So before this, were you--when you came back...


...was there any rest of your family, uh...

Uh, this younger sister...


...that I told you, she was given away to uh, to the--none, they were customers ours--through the farm to one as--she should raise so as a, um...

Husband: Gentile. PK:...as a Gentile girl. She pretended she saw unmarried daughter's uh, child. So she, she was back. She was afraid to keep her any longer. So she was back. And I was with this sister from the very beginning, the one that my mother pushed us away from that, she said, "Just run." We said, "Ma, we don't know where to go." "Just go." That's why she was killed and maybe it's meant to be that someone has to be here to tell you all this. Because if we were all go, the world would never even know. Some of 'em don't even know now. My children know very little. So um, after a few weeks--we, we stayed there, you know, also in that small street. I, you know, a lousy little street--crowded in one building and food was scarce and shaking. Every minute we didn't know what next minute will bring. Until we heard, "Everyone has to go." And we were not to go, but they were trying to take us and, and shuffle us away, so we ran already. And my brother said, "Don't worry," he uh, uh, yeah my brother was there too. And he said he's got Aryan documents. "Don't worry, you just go, I'll meet you somewhere." So when we started off again running. Running, we didn't know where. We winded up somewhere, I don't know how many miles. And uh, how do you call a ???, a ???

Husband: It's uh, like a small town.

It's not towns. It's--that's less than a town. What do you call less than a town--smaller than a town?

A village?

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