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Ilya Martha Kessler - November 1, 1982

Medical Experiments in Auschwitz

Uh, were there uh, doctors there that took care of the sick? Was there any?

[interruption in interview]

So, was there any medical care for people there?

In Auschwitz?


In Auschwitz, it was something. They didn't have no medicine and people was afraid to be sick. And uh, in the camp there was like a Jewish lady. She was a doctor, so she help.

Were there any medical experiments in Auschwitz when you were there that you heard about or that you?

Yeah. I had a... Yeah, I had ??? And it was ??? because ??? And the uh, they said I have to go to the, to a hospital to cut out. If not ??? So, they took me, they take us, I knew they going to come there and they took me. And there was this ???

Where you were?

Yeah. ??? so maybe they did something to... I don't know. I was sitting and the Kapo ??? and then I saw, so they took me back down to the Lager. And so, was a whole ??? I don't know. Just, I don't know, I was lucky or not lucky I came back. So, I'm sure they was doing everything there. They wanted to know why these Jews. They wanted to know everything, sure.

Did you see any of the experimentation that was done on those children while you were there?

No, no, no, no. I just uh, was talking ??? because they was mine age and they feel sorry for me. They had more food, so they gave me and uh, gave me a coffee and a little bread.

When you were in Auschwitz was there any um, oh was there any uh, cultural activity? Were there any, did people put on plays or did people... I mean, was there anything like that at all? Nothing, no...

You know, they say they gave ??? was ??? and uh, the people wasn't there ???

Was that in the food?

In the food. We didn't have nothing ??? because this was ???

??? at this time?

??? mm--hm. So, that's uh, blanket or...

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