Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Ilya Martha Kessler - November 1, 1982

Conditions in Auschwitz IV

Was there a Kapo in your...

Oh yes, all over was a Kapo uh, Kapo and they hit everybody.

Were they mainly German, or were they...

They... Jews.

They were Jewish?

Jewish, Jewish was, uh... And they were still ??? but the little what they did, they were still ??? And, but, scared of them and...

Well, let's talk about the uh, the bathroom facilities. What was that like in the camp?

In Auschwitz, they took you, how I said before, when they wanted, they took you. And they were sitting near each other like a whole, uh... And then, a girl came--that's was Jewish--a red girl, red--haired, and hit everybody just for doing nothing, that was the pleasure. And in the work line, there was a little bit bad there, you know. Because we was working in a... I mean, I didn't work, just the girl in a factory in between the... some Czech was there, some, you know, people from outside, so they didn't want it. They knew everything exactly what happened with us. So, this was a small camp. And uh, they killed a few people, so we had maybe a little bit better than in the big camps. You know, they watched us a little better. They gave a whole bed for us and went out with us, changing our beds. They gave a ??? for us and in Auschwitz ??? bandages there. They changed one sleeve with the other sleeve, because you can run away, right away they saw you, you are uh, in a camp.

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