Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Monument 3

Okay, I can see it, I can see it.

Wife: He saw it honey.

Did... On the monument did the drawing how to make the monument from this, over here in Capital.

Mm-hm. Okay, Mr. Kaye is showing me the blueprint for the monument that was drawn up by ???

Yeah. Right.

Okay, so they designed it for you.

Right. They designed the monument. Yeah. And over here I got... When the rabbi, they got me a helper, I been debating. When the rabbi helper come over there to the cemetery, you know what I'm talking? This uh, when he talking, this everything, showing up number one up to number six.

Wife: What's that, hon?

It's the publication from a rabbi helper. ??? See, here they, misspelled W?oszczowa in my town, village. It's with an "L," it's not a "T."

It is with a "T"?

No, "L."

Oh, W-L.

"L," W?oszczowa. You don't make a "T," you made a mistake, you put a "T" on here.

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