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Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Deportation to Skarzysko 1

How were you picked up? Just walking in the street?

Yeah. They come in the house and pull me out.

They came into your house?

Yeah. My brother, I think, that day he was wo... he's was working, they took him to work before. And this happened in daytime. They need so many people to pull it out, they, they pick the young ones. Every time they picked people, like in concentration, every time they have new people coming in they took out the people who look healthy, you can still, can handle. If they keep you, if not they took you out and shoot you. Make your, make your own hole and everything.

Okay, so they picked you up.

And took me to Skarzysko.

Took you where?

Skarzysko. Skarzysko.

What kind of a place was...

The ammunition place. They worked in ammunition.

Okay. Could you spell that?



Got it here? Get a map.

S-K-A-R-Z-Y-S-K-O. S-K-A-R-Z-Y-S-K-O.

Wife: It used to be he went very often. He doesn't go that much anymore. He's much better now.

But when he first built these monuments he would go there... How often would he go?

Wife: Quite often.

Like every month?

Wife: And he was... Once he built this, he came back, but he was really gone.

[interruption in interview]

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