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Simon Kalmas - May 25, 1982

Jewish Work Restrictions II

I said, "How can I prove it to you that I'm a tinsmith and we take care of the surrounding vicinity--all the farmers. And there isn't any other tinsmiths than my father and I, and I would like to keep the place open and continue to, to serve the people." So he gave me a, a permit. I uh, I had to prove to him that I'm a--that I am what I am--I am what I say, and uh, he gave me a permit. And uh, so while I was there talking to him about--to get a permit to--in order to keep my shop open. So I told him there's two more shops that are Jewish, but they're serving the, the people of this community, which is a blacksmith--also a Jew--and also a uh, locksmith, which is also a Jew. He said, "Send them down." Sure enough, he gave permits. All right. So I--I'll say and--I was lucky. No chochmeh, no bravery. Can't say I was brave. I was strong, of course, I was young--I was strong. But it was more mazel than anything else.

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