Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Kalmas - May 25, 1982

Family II

Did any of them live with you?

Well, 'til--my aunt and uncles, you mean? Aunts and uncles uh, lived in the same city. Uh, as a matter of fact, I have a cousin in Philadelphia--her mother, mother and dad died at the same time as my father and mother died. So uh, this is one. Another aunt I don't know what happened to her. Like I was told in Israel when I came, if anybody you know notified--they have archives there, you know, from our shtetl--if anybody, you know, looked it up. And he said to me, "If anybody--if nobody notified us 'til now, they're not alive." Because they had names there from people that been thrown all over the world, you know, like in France, in Holland. Some of 'em remain in Germany. Uh, all over, you know, after the liberation--the--you had some relatives there or they had opportunity to go there. Most of them are in Israel, most of them. All my friends, boyfriends, girlfriends from way back, you know. I was an active Zionist and uh, and there was ??? uh, some of 'em left for Israel before the war. And some of them I found that after the war, that we were in camp together--had the same numbers tattooed. And that's, that's the way it is.

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