Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Holcman - September 14, 1983


Do you have any feelings about uh, Israel or going to Israel or anything like that?

Uh, my uh, my wife's side family is a, a lot of people over there. My father-in-law's there uh, my sister-in-law's there. And uh, it's nice and dandy. Beautiful country. But uh, it's a pioneering country and uh, I couldn't, I couldn't hack it over there. I'm looking for a easier life, just to, just to push by and let my kids do the rest. I just try to get by.

Where, where did you meet your wife?

In Sweden.

Oh. Was, was she also a survivor?

Yeah, mhm.

What camp was she in?

Theresienstadt. No, what is it, uh...

Wife: Auschwitz.

Auschwitz, and what...

Wife: Milhausen.


Wife: Bergen-Belsen.

And, and her family is in Israel? They also went through the war?

Yeah, they went through the whole things. Uh, she, she uh, has a sister which is uh, which went through hell really. Uh, she went, uh... No, I'm just going to mention just one thing about her sister, because she was in one of those black trucks, which she described to me. Naked altogether to uh, going who knows where. She the only one jumped and disappeared. And she's alive and the rest of them aren't. This is one experience uh, you know, uh... And because of this uh, she's a little off the rocker, I would say, once in a while.

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