Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Holcman - September 14, 1983

His Children

How about your plans and hopes for your kids and yourself, for the future?

The, uh... Now what I want for my kids is uh, one thing, but the kids uh, my kids is, is uh, the girl is twenty-one years old and the boy is thirty-one years old, already married, has two kids of his own. So uh, they want, they don't want no part of my suggestions and my plans. They want, they want American way of life. They don't...

What would you... What way of life would you have them have if you had your way? What would you like to see?

This is what I started from the beginning saying uh, that the, the kids of mine missing uh, family, uncles, aunts, cousins and so forth, grandmas, grandpas. When they see uh, that their, their friends, they have all those, and they don't. So, I was trying to, to tell them and coerce them to join CHAIM, which is a group similar to my kids. So, we have uh, different family and different uh, kind of friends, relatives.

But they didn't want to join the survivors' organization.

They don't.

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