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Abraham Holcman - September 14, 1983


What did your dad do?

He was uh, making socks by hand, hand machine by twirling around. He was working piecework.

Uh-huh, and your mother, what, what did she do?

Uh, my mother, she helped out too. She, she uh, worked a little at home. She was making uh, uh, folded skirts, I think.

Did you have brothers and sisters?

Yes, I did uh, I had uh, I had three other brothers, so makes it, makes me four and two sisters.

Were the brothers and sisters older or younger than you?

Uh, no, I, I had one brother older than me and two brothers younger than me.


And the sisters were both older than me.

Did the older brothers and sisters work before the war or do anything or were they in school?

Yeah, the uh, this, my sisters uh, they start working uh, before the war?

What, what did they do?

One sister was uh, a bookkeeping at uh, uncle's uh, store.

Okay. What, what kind of store did your uncle have?

Uh, from sweaters, sweaters, I think. And uh, uniforms, school uniforms for girls.

Okay. And did your older brother, you said, work?

Uh, he, he just started. He started to uh, to be a uh, te... textile or something. I don't, I don't remember exactly. It's called a sher. I don't know.

A sher?

Yeah. What it's called in English I wouldn't know.

Uh-huh. What, what would a sher do?

Design actually the uh, the material, I think. Not the design. He put the thread on, on the uh, on the uh, on the machine so... He gets, he gets a design and then he puts, he, he puts the thread on the machine to run that kind of material.


Like flowers and stuff, whatever.

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