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Abraham Holcman - September 14, 1983


The following is an interview with Abe Holcman held on September 14, 1983 at approximately seven p.m. in Southfield, Michigan and the interviewer is Larry Berg.

Mr. Holcman, could you please uh, state your name.

My, my, the full name?

That's right.

Abraham Jacob Holcman.

And where were you born?

In uh, Łódź, Poland.

And during the war, where were you located?

I was located in... during the war in Łódź uh, 'til '44.

Okay. Uh, can you describe your life, what it was like before the war, when you were growing up? What did your father and mother do?

Until '44?

Yes, until the war. What, what year were you born?

I was... '25, 1925.

Nineteen twenty-five. Uh...

I was fourteen when the war broke out.

Okay. Do you remember anything about what it was like uh, in Poland before you were fourteen?

Not much. As a kid uh, didn't know much. Happy-go-lucky kid.

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