Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bernard Hirsch - June 29, 1982


One is in Cleveland, that he was there too. This guy was--they were all fantastic, all fantastic. All the guys, they, they really--they could have, they could have finished us in one night and they could have because it was easy. We were so walking around free in the city, but they--nobody--there was one guy and he was--how you call 'em? Deaf. He didn't talk.


Mute. So the police, they came. They knew that we are there, the police. The gendarme what they called them. They were, they were asking, "This is not here?"

He's rubbing his chin as sign language for a beard?

Right. Like a beard. That's what I'm saying that we were really lucky. That's why this was bothering me why my brother, sister could do the same thing, to hide in them.

Now I have the tape rolling, what was the date of your birth?

May the 28th 1920.

And what mountains were you in when you were hiding?

??? mount...???

Is there anything else that you wanted to tell me?

I think that's it. It's no limit to this, you know. Little by little you would find out that you should have say this and this. It's hard that you should get on your mind everything. There's lots and lots and lots more than this three and a half years that we were, two and a half years, three--something like three and a half. Lots of things we went through. I wouldn't say that we were suffering with food. This would be we had enough or with fate with uh, shrek, how you call it. That we were scared, this yeah. But food we had enough. Thank you.

Thank you.

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