Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bernard Hirsch - June 29, 1982

Family Split Up by Germans

Oh, all right and you--you're the only one who survived.

Yeah, the youngest brother they took uh, in April. When they took him they never heard from him, mine uh, mother said. Never heard nothing. And second time when they came to pick up mine oldest brother...

April what year?

Forty-two, 1942. When they came to pick up my youngest brother, he was hiding. And my oldest brother was home because they were saying that they're taking just the teenagers uh, the teenager, the teen...uh, the young boys which one done helped to make a living for the parents. My oldest brother was twenty-four so they left him. Well, when they couldn't find the youngest brother, they took the older brother. So when the older brother saw it--the younger brother saw it that they are taking away the older brother uh, he, he came out from hiding and they should let the older brother to go stay with the parents. And uh, that was June the 20th, that's what I even--yeah, June the 20th. Or was it before--I don't exactly the date they took him. They came and they took the par...the three uh, two sisters--three sisters and a brother and the parents. And I me...I had--when I was in the army this time and I had two cards from Poland from them. I don't remember already which concentration was it. And that was the whole--I never heard anymore from them.

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