Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bernard Hirsch - June 29, 1982


Can we back up a second? You started to talk about your family. Can you give me the idea of your extended family size? You, you told me that you had uh, three brothers and five sisters, and the two sisters were married with children.

Yeah. The rest was...

Aunts and uncles, did you have any?

Yeah, I had aunts and uncles, yeah. Next--not in the same town. Next town. Like three miles. Hermanovce was the name of this uh, of the town.

Do you have an idea of how large their family was?

Uh, they were uh, two sons, two daughters there. Four.

And an aunt and uncle?

Four, yeah.

And that was the size of your extended family?

No, there were more. One uh, well my fa...my mother's brother died in the first war. And uh, a brother she had here in New York and a sister. But uh, she brought me out, her sister. Her sister brought me out to this country. Her name wa...you want the name of her?

If you want, yeah, sure.

Something. I forgot the name. Anyway, she was uh, I forgot what is her name.

It'll come back to you.


Okay. How many were lost during the war?

Everybody. Two bro...uh, uh, two brothers, five sisters and my father and mother.

So one of your brother and you survived?

I'm the one that survived.

Oh, there was only eight children all together.

All together.

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