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Bernard Hirsch - June 29, 1982

Sharing Experience II

When your children ask you questions about the Holocaust, do you tell them?

Uh, I tell 'em--my wife tells 'em most, my wife. When it's on television I call 'em up to watch because it's on where they're going to show from this and this film. We're having now in Israel uh, it was in the, in the army, what they call them, ???. Now they are together in, in Israel. They all come over United States, from all over uh, they are not--I heard that they are not living from Czechoslovakia, from Poland. Uh, some they are in uh, Hungarian, or some...so my son wants it very badly I should go for something like this. It is a very--I should go to see something like this.

What is it for?

All the boys where they were in, in the army in this time when I was. They're having now in Israel. They're coming together like a...


Survi...they're not--they are survivors, yeah, but everything survivors from ???.


The call 'em ???.

Mm-hm. Do you suffer from any physical illness as a result of your experience during the Holocaust.



Nerves. Yeah. Sometimes I wake up crying, and now it's already a little better. It used to be at night. I uh, I couldn't fall asleep when something came in my mind. I couldn't fall asleep. It was bothering me so much.

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