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Bernard Hirsch - June 29, 1982

Sharing Experience

So what I should say? You asking me a question, how I ??? I have a family. I have uh, sons. They are on the right track. They never were in trouble, they never had problem. One is a doctor, the other one is a CPA and the third one I don't know what he will be. I hope that--I am working with a partner thirty-two years--thirty-one years. So I don't expect more uh, maybe my grandkids are going to have more. I'm not--I'm satisfied what I'm have. Thank God, I have what I needed. But there's no country like United States. I don't believe it. I went to Fran...uh, to Italy a few years ago, to France, and Israel. It's still--United States is United States.

Did you ever talk about your experiences?

At home? What happened with me?




I'm surprised that mine uh, that mine uh, I should say my eyes will not fill with water. When I, when I talk about something, what somebody goes through even myself, even on television, I right away my eyes are filled with uh, water, you know. So my older son, he--a few times he would like to sit me and listen to this what I, what I say. But I'm not uh, I'm not uh, I'm not talking. It's--it hurt. I shouldn't complain because my kids--I have three kids. Uh, we had eight in the family and nobody's here. Like I say, I have a wife and children and everything, good wife and good children, good children. But it still uh, the family's missing, you need a family too. Even sometime they are not uh, they don't understand each other. But still, I'm very close with my in-laws. So this what we don't discuss uh, we don't discuss. I am uh, uh, very much for uh, the Jews of Israel. I am listening the, the news, I, I want to know what, what's going, what's happening and uh, it bothers me when I see that it's a little bit something not fair. Uh, you cannot help it. This is life.

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