Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bernard Hirsch - June 29, 1982

Memories of Hiding

Is there any particular experience that stands out in your memory from hiding?




Something in particular you remember about the time you were hiding.

I don't know what kind of particular--it's all kind, all kind memories is there. Uh, we were going to dances in the town. Sometimes we had bad, bad weeks, we couldn't come down because they told us that they are coming. They just want to show that they are coming to look for us and we shouldn't come to town, we should stay in the woods this--the week. When they came to--we sent money for the police--for the top man. The man is in uh, in New York what he was taking to him, Jewish boy. He was, he was uh, he was making suits uh, how you--how they call 'em? Uh...


A tailor. So we took to him the money and he, he went to him and he dropped him off that's it. Money was talking. Uh, I couldn't say that, that memories, that one was killed. No. I--such a memories uh, I never, never was hungry, I never was hungry. We had enough--plenty to eat. When we left the bunker January the 19, they were hang...was below zero weather. They were hanging uh, meat outside frozen, full potatoes inside in the bu...in the bunker, maybe they are still today there. Never was hungry. We have to thank to the town. The town helped us out. And not the town, the town could have get us like nothing or, or, or to catch us.

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