Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bernard Hirsch - June 29, 1982

Revenge After the War

You never felt that you wanted to get back at him for what he did?

To Czechoslovakia?

No back to him, this teacher in particular?


What was, what was your feeling when you knew that this was the man who had turned your parents in?

I had a few opportunities to kill him. A few. What kinda opportunities I had, from town where I live to Koŝice was no going, wa...after the war was no trains, no trains. And the--like to the end was no trains. And I met him a few times when he was walking through the woods, a shorter cut, a few times. A few times I met him and I had guns with me. I was in mine group, like I was the captain with the guns.

This was during the war.

During the war, not after. After the war I didn't touch it--I didn't touch guns. After when I got married I didn't want--what it's a gun--it was enough. Or when during the war I was like the--when somebody needed a gun they came to me, I gave him a gun. And I had opportunities then where I, I never killed a man and I don't know that I would--that I could do it. Probably maybe yeah, or not, you have to get mad to something you should kill a man. After, after all this was after the war already.

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