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Jack Gun - August 12, 1999

Telling Children

Oh, and have they, have you told them about your experiences during the war?

Oh definitely, now.


Now. But never before. When they were growing up and uh, uh, especially my son is much more inquisitive than my daughter. He sort of nags a little. He likes to know everything, and he always used to bug me. "Dad, tell me exactly..." Tell me this and tell me that. And, and I used to tell him, I said, "Look," I says, "your uncle lives just a little piece from here," I says, "He knows a lot more, he remembers a lot more." And uh, I--that's how I used to put it off. And my brother used to talk to them. We used to go on vacation at times together and my, my son would be--and my daughter also, they used to be all over him and he would sit for hours with them and talk. But my brother wouldn't go and talk to people in school or.

Your children's names, what are they?

Yes, my daughter's the oldest, her name is Sandra and she's now married. Her name is Ru...Sandra Russa. And my son is Sam, named after my father.

Does your daughter have any children?

Yes, she's got a boy that's nine and a half now and a daughter that's uh, five and a half. And my son's got two boys uh, uh, five and a half and three and a half and expecting a little girl in November.

And your wife's name?

My wife's name is Miriam.

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