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Jack Gun - August 12, 1999

Visiting Poland

And she went back with you. You went back to Poland in 1992?


Who went with you?

My, my wife didn't go.


No, no, I didn't want her to go.

Who went?

Uh, my brother and two of his oldest children went with me.

Why did you go back there?

Uh, for two reasons. The main reason uh, well I shouldn't say the main. For two very important reasons. Uh, one reason, we always wanted to reach uh, the people that helped us, Yerushka and Primas. Second reason was uh, that uh, uh, some Luts...some people from Rozhishche that live in Israel made contact with the city a year previous and they made a monument ready. And we put a monument up on a ravine that is still a ravine today empty where, where the 4,500 Jews of Rozhishche were killed. So that's the two reasons that we went back.

And what was it like going back there?

It was very difficult. Especially when we stood and said Kaddish on the spot where they were killed. And uh, even my nephew, which uh, you know, born in the United States and everything and he really broke down seeing that uh, ravine and. It was very emotional, definitely. As far as me remember...I didn't remember a thing from the city. Uh, my brother was disappointed. I don't know what he expected. But he expected it to look different for some reason. He saw a lot of drunks walking in the street. It was on a Saturday afternoon or something, we were there. And a lot of drunks walking out of the bars. And uh, he happened to meet somebody that he knew on the street. And uh, that he used to go to school with his sister.

Now uh, your children didn't go with you.

No, they couldn't. They were both in school.

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