Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993

Polish Anti-Semitism

Yeah. [pause] I mean, you said it was difficult to walk home from school.

Yeah eh, from school was always difficult home because we were hit with stones. And, and, and then and then not enough, from cheder I went home and with the cheder it was right in the market. It was a lot of Jewish people living there. But the church was right in the corner from the market, down, going to the house called ???. It was on Sunday special, I remember and that time Sunday I went for home from the back--my--it was, I got hit mostly that time. Because it's--because when they came out from church that, I don't know, that, in, in Poland in a church, the anti-Semitism came out from the church mostly. Because that's where the youngest generation were, they were told in the church how the Jews are--you should be against the Jews or something like that. So I was, it was uh, a lot of times I got hit, just going home, from the mar...or cheder, going home.

And did your mother worry about that?

Yeah, she was always worried about it, that--you know. That, worried that eh, be afraid of not being safe and, and what's happened here. We just uh, very bad feeling. But uh, still we had our home, our family. We, we got used even though you get used to that. That's the life is. You feel like that that's the whole world is living like that.

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