Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993


What about your father?

My father, my father was a good looking man and eh, he was, he was in business and eh, I was very close to my father because always going to shul on Saturdays. I would go with him and eh, and I was, I was always thinking oh, when I was--every night, would something happen to him I wouldn't be able to exist. I was very close to him. Like eh, like in summertime in vacation was from school I went with my father every year to Warsaw and helped out. And I was very interested in that business. "See," he said to me, "now you going to be in business." 'Cause I was interested in it. And very close. And, and to me, when I was taken away from--I was young, about fourteen years, fifteen years, it tore my-- it was like life is, I, it's finished, just, because I had so much love for my parents. And it was, I was taken away from them. That did a lot to me.

W...w...was he the disciplinarian in the house?

He was very, he was the disciplinarian in the house. I eh, usually never--I don't know, never come across that was hitting me, but one time I was hit--I remember, what did I did? I went, I loved very much, I told you, soccer playing. I went to soccer and forget to come home to eat. And I came home, that was it. He, now he was very disciplinarian. You got to do what he tell you to do. But I loved, I loved him 'cause he was very nice, nice man.

Your mother, did she worry a lot?

Yeah, my, my mother was the worry type, right. She's--you know.

What would she worry about?

What would she worry about?

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