Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993

Conditions in Ghetto

How many people lived in your house during the ghetto?

You mean, how many? We were, we uh, we lived in, but our family lived together in a house.

In a house or in an apartment?

There was like a house, yeah, it was a house.

And so there were eight of you in the house. Did anybody else?

But no, was this, one of the son's was married and wasn't with us anymore. It was two--two actually was married and they, they lived together.

Is that?

Okay, this is one my brother and this is my sister. And this is my brother, he was married, he was a ta...tailor. Uh, the--he, this brother is uh, my brother, he was in the army, before the war, Polish army and eh, he was a time went to the army and after he had finished the army in Poland the war broke out and he was called back right away to the, going into the war. And, and he was called away eh, yeah, back to the, to the eh, troops. So I--we and we got the uh, like somebody told us that they're going through my hometown to Warsaw, going to the front. And whatever his unit was, was Jaroslaw--in the east side of Poland, and we hear that it's going to come down. So we stayed all night long at the, down at the station to see him. And that is, then the train came in, we saw a lot of people coming out and we couldn't see him at all. We stayed all night, the family went to see him because he's going to the front. And we saw--at the end, th...he was at end of the wagon, we saw him waving with the train was going away.

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