Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993

Food in Ghetto

W...was there rationing in the ghetto too?

Yeah, the ration in ghetto you had to ha...we, in ghettos we have cards and that's only you get food is on the cards, you know. But eh, as long as you had some money with you, you could buy some more food from the Gentiles.

Like, like?

Yeah, like, like for, for heating like, things you needed you could during the ghetto.

How would you get your food in the ghetto? Your family received cards.

Yeah, you receive card you could get a bread for your family in.

Stand in line?

Stand in lines uh, getting up in middle of the night, so otherwise you come there would be no bread. So to get first stand at the, at the bakery.

And what was the ration?

Ration was, we.

Just bread and what?

Just bread and bread, bread. And then you had to cook something to make, it was terrible, there was no food.

W...were people dying in the ghetto of starvation?

Yeah, there was some people dying.

Was there typhus in the ghetto?

There was typhus, was sick you know.

And, and anyone in your family?

No, my eh, I--in the eh, no, there was, I, until day of liquidation my family was still together.

And they were all taken at once.


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