Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001


So some, some Jew had buried his jewelry.

Very. Not only Jew, a lot of wealthy people where he was. So they buried and we found it. He didn't know what to do. So he, he was uh, consulting with my father. And [pause] we had a Kapo, I remember there was a Kapo. They were all cruel, they were mostly criminals. They uh, Kapos, they were German criminals. Kapo you know, the ??? Polizei. And that Kapo, I remember a Kapo who he was relatively mild, we could even talk to him. He--they give us, they give us, we were small children. Give us sometimes additional food. Uh, this Kapo and the other one. So that was the relation which--and Ringler saw that. So he told my father, listen, give to him this jewelry and ask him, maybe he can give us some additional food. Which was happen--which had happened. And he took the jewelry, they were hiding. I don't know, what I don't know, they, they were better condition they--nobody checked them. And he gave us some food, bread, a piece of bread, a piece of this. And we give part--my father give to Ringler also, but we had also some of that. So that's, that's the good part of the story. The bad part of the story that we heard later. We didn't, we were not in one car with, with Ringler. But that Kapo was looking for Ringler and he found him and he saw that he's still having some. And he--they beat him to death. Okay, so that was later on we found those people who were in that, that car. The treatment they got because of the, he never had j...he gave a...he couldn't hide that. But they thought that he was hiding.

Same Kapo.

The same, if it's some other Kapo, I think I remember they told that there was another Kapo, they both were searching for them because didn't know where it was, you know.

Also German.

Well, they're German criminals, German criminals. They were the, the worst ki...kind of people, the worst kind. You know, the German criminals they were there with green, you know. You, you know what...

Green triangle.

Green triangle. Green the criminals, red was political, yellow was Jewish and...mostly green.

And pink was homosexual.

Yes. You are, you are so versed in it.

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