Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001

Transport to Dachau

On a train. That was terrible. First of all, part of the people died during the march. Then we stayed--before the train we stayed in a forest and we had a lot of rain and we were, but nobody got pneumonia, I don't--maybe they got pneumonia, at least we didn't got pneumonia. And they put us in the, in the, in a car.

Closed car?

Closed. The same, closed car.

??? closed car.

And they give us--you wouldn't believe--some salty meat uh, cans. Salty. Believe me or not. Especially, can you imagine, everybody was hungry. We didn't think about that after salty. And that uh, uh, was the most terrible thing. In this car it took us several days, I don't know how many days. No water until we arrived to Dachau. Half of the people in the, the--that I remember--died. That I remember.

Because of the salt.

The salt and no water and heat, August heat. That's terrible. That's terrible. The, there, and--so we arrived there in Dachau later on.

Do you remember any specifics about the train? I mean, uh...

I can tell you an interesting story about the train. Even before in, in Auschwitz, my father had a friend, his name was Ringler. I remember him--very good friend. And when cleaning the debris, he found some jewelry. You know, jewelry under the, the debris. I don't know how much, but you know you cannot keep the jewelry.

Yeah, no.

You know.

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