Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lily Fenster - November 8 & 10, 1994


Maybe he was with the Communist Partisans?

Communism was a bunch of Jews, still young ones, remnants and they were running from farm to farm and, and doing terrible things. And they, they--all the people went around there--every night he came to another farm. If he didn't like it, he went out, we didn't see took a torch, burned the farm. How long could those Goyim take something like that? So--and then the German were looking for him and looking for him, looking for him. He was quite a guy. Even my husband was afraid of him. Dave you know, when he m...they knew each other, but he never knew where anybody stays at night, because you were very much afraid. Isn't that something, you were afraid for your shadow? Like I went once you know, stories--I went into a little place where they kept the woods, because in Europe you know, there wasn't electricity and we use to make fire with the--and I say what am I? Do I speak Jewish. Yo, nein--and that's it, I couldn't speak more, it's like locked up here, I was so afraid for anybody to hear. And, God forbid, that somebody would say, "Oh, you look like Jewish." The next day I wouldn't go into the farm on the way to another place.

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