Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lily Fenster - November 8 & 10, 1994

Relations with Other Jews

You mean you were, you were worried that other Jews were going to take advantage?

Yeah. They want to rape me too. A guy that was a partisan. I don't know how I run away.


That was '43, I think. When I had my Kennkarte already and I was working in a store. Because the lady Pani ???. She, she like me a lot because I was good to her, to the children, to her child. One boychikl, I think it was. And she didn't need me anymore because she came from the hospital. She had a broken leg. So, she had to recuperated, so she need somebody to watch the, the kids. So--and then she said you know what, the times are getting like you know, you need a job. And I worked in a uh, like a market. It's not a market, the farmers used to bring corn, for the Germans, we use to ??? you had to work for them. And that time a Jewish Partisan came. He was so tall, red hair, he was looking for a particular uh, fireman that he helped to kill the Jews and he stole everything from the Jewish people. He found him. He found him and he killed him. And he says, "That's for all the Jews." Even the Poles gave him right, they--he did the right thing, when he come to kill that ??? they use to call them, who cleans the chimneys, you know. You hear the words, you don't know what is, is really. You know? So, I, I begged him. I was afraid to say I'm Jewish ??? just leave me alone. I'm an orphan, leave me alone. And thanks God somebody...

[interruption in interview]

...the clothes, left the dirty clothes. He was twenty years old. If he would live, he would be a top man in Amer...in uh, Israel.

This was the Jewish Partisan?

A Jewish Partisan. I walked in, I will never forget it, because he had a chain of bullets, here, had. With his red hair, a beast, a beast. But thank God because I was afraid to say I'm a Jew, leave me alone. Because he would grab me with him to the woods. And I didn't wanna go to the woods. But they killed him anyways because he was too free he took too much advantage. They put him in, in the woods and the German had a hard time finding that man. But they burned, ??? on the farm and Alexander called it and they burned him with a whole bunch of people in it.

He was with the AK?

No, I didn't with the Polish AK He was a Partisan underground for himself. The AK didn't take any Jews. If they were take in the Jews, a lot of Jews would survive.

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