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Ruth Federman - February 13, 2008

Lost Family

During the war, did you get any information about what was going on in Europe while you were here?


About the Holocaust?

No, not really. We got the, uh, we got the--we knew that there are camps and we knew that there is--I don't know if the name Theresienstadt came, but we always knew that they are--they have to work. That's the only thing. They are concentrating the Jews in one place and they have to work. And I, I have postcards from Theresienstadt from my mother, which, the last one is sent a few, uh, two months before she went to Theresienstadt.

And they're in German.

They're in German. You know, there was time where they still could write something. Then they had to only to sign it. This is--that I put in Yad Vashem. And here I have all the names of the family who, who perished. This the grave of my father which is still a normal grave, yes? In Prague. This is--these are all the...

These people went to Treblinka.

You know that there are books from Theresienstadt, my cousin has it. You know the books? Where all the names are.


You know about it?

I do.

You see, this is--this I put here, all the names. So it's really history. And the name of the book is, Again, Everything Changed. Here, Again, Everything Changed. And also here.

Well, we would love to have it if you get it translated.

I will send you first the translation...


...but it's a lot of work for me. I have to do it slowly, yes? I do it with my printer, okay? And if I print again books, which I will, I will send you also this, or you--that doesn't matter?

Oh no, we'll put it in the library.

Yes but I don't have it in the meantime, I don't have it. I have one left.


Maybe if I change it. I have one which I change for the printer, and one I have--I have two books, that's all I have. And one which goes from hand to hand here, to my friends, and they are already--they say, "We are reading the whole night. We can't stop reading it," because I also--there is the development of here--of the hotels. That's me at the opening of the hotel.

Oh my goodness, like a movie star.

Here, I put the children, you know, all the children. It's a funny picture. Here, when I was 4, here still with my father, here's with my mother, and here when I came to Israel with my friend, who all came like I came.

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