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Ruth Federman - February 13, 2008

Later Years

We grew up together, we are the same age. Now, I send him the book, the Hebrew and the bad English, few years--two years ago and he said, "It's horrible, I'm going to do it," and we started with the Internet and he sent it to me by--and it's terrific. And then he started to write ro...romance, you know, and speak to me hours on the phone until I told him--I called him ???--"I have a headache already, please stop." Then he decided that we go to, to--from where our family comes and we're going to--ah, he started to go back to Judaism which he wasn't. They didn't know he's--that he's, that he's Jewish--don't tell him that I told you...


...but maybe he will tell you. Hm? Woman: We have to take it off the tape


Remove it from the tape.

Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter.


Doesn't matter. No, no, doesn't matter. He--I gave him already once--I told him it's not nice. Uh, and you--they also didn't know that he comes from Czechoslovakia. This is why he got up in the Canada Air, Air. He had a very big job there. But then, with the years, he ca...he went back to tradition. He's against religion. I had to explain to him that religion--tradition and religion is something different. He has a lot of, uh, respect for me. He says, "You are the only person--I, I agree with you." Most of the time he, he knows his--he is right, yes? With me he's not right. So he decided we go to, to the place from where our parents come which is little, uh, little village. Look, this is when our aunt--his aunt--his mother took me, this is me. This is ???--young John ??? and this is his sister, you know in a--how do you call it? Kindercamp. Where is the little village? Here, this is the village. This is my grandfather, my grandmother, and...

And what is the name of the village?

Simple people.

What's the name of the village?

???. This is, this is the house of my grandparents--very simple. And in the back of this house is a garden, and after the garden was a synagogue which was one little room. John says it was two rooms so I says, "Okay, it was two rooms." And he decided we're going to??? and we're going to, uh, put a, uh, memory that there was a synagogue, on the place where the synagogue was.

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