Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Polish Role in the Holocaust

We were surrendered from the Polish people and we were surrendered from the Ukrainian people because, you know, all surrendered. Like I mean--not too much we were--even their, even their people ??? to work and a lot, and a lot were there but they were working in the underground. They came, they came back to the concentration camp because the Pollakin help 'em kill out. Because the underground have to go sometimes for food search in the night, but the Polish people were ???. They have the--they ??? right away to the German, they came right away and find them out, uh. That what came, I mean, that's what came and that's what ???. So you couldn't survive. In the middle Poland you couldn't survive. It was four or five years. If, if for just one year you could survive. The time was, I mean, in '40's--start '40 right away they started. Like '41. From '41 to '45, this was four years. Just some of them I hear later after the war some priests took some uh, girls and they were working in churches there. They could survive like. But just plain survive--it came already two, three, I mean, it came already Polish people where they want to take you. So they would all trade for other ones. So that's what came out, I mean, like this. If the all Polish people want to help us out we were a lot of Polish Jews would be survived today. But like I say, they took my brother. My brother was running away 'til '43. He was helping out the Polish people with the farms, you know. And uh, and there--the other, the other Polish people, I mean, they find him with friends and they took him to the, they took him to the police and they help them shoot him with, with whiskey and they kill him right away. So they were helping out, you know. You under...you country and they give you the German one side and the Polish people on the other side, so where can you go? It was tooken like four years, five years almost--four years, five years. 'Til '41 ??? it took four years, took a long time. If they were just--it took like '43 the Warsaw ghetto there was a lot of Jews were left. Took too long. That's what happened. It was too long going on the war.

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