Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Polish Underground

The Polish?


The Polish did this?

The Polish underground. I mean, the underground. There were Polish underground, there were German underground. They had something to do with the Warsaw ghetto--they have something--because we all were close. This time when they tooked away--when the Warsaw ghetto was, I mean--they came to us and tooked away all us everything. They're going to take us in another camp. They going to take us in KL. Because we all knew it's going to be ???. We were in Budzyn. The Warsaw ghetto was not too far. The young people know each other what's going, because sometimes they went out like outside working and they know what's going on. There were papers--the Polish were talking. And so after--'cause it was in '43 the Warsaw Ghetto, so--we couldn't help one each other--we couldn't do nothing. The boys run away--right away they went to the underground. So. We know very little what's going on because uh, we have to keep a secret. We were very, very, very--we have an underground from Budzyn before making holes under the underground. Under the uh, how do you call the, uh? What was--we were, we were army under this ??? How do you call it in Yid...English? The electric, I mean, the electric fence. So after this we were sometimes in a barrack, in the day, in the night. We tooked out--dig out, I mean, holes.

Oh, the fence.

Yeah, the fence. Digged out big holes and go out, you know, and bring in like I mean, bring in like I mean sometimes--I mean uh, like I mean what, what can we do because we were all surrendered.

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